Boxing4Fitness instructor training courses have been carefully designed to equip the fitness/coaching professional with a new skill that they can use to complement existing expertise or specialise in boxing related training and are perfect for:

Gym Instructors expanding into teaching in the studio looking to increase personal income and employability.
Studio Teachers looking to increase the variation of classes they offer and attract both men and women to the studio.
Personal Trainers adding to their range of skills and activities - Boxing4Fitness is fantastic one-to-one using pads and gloves!
Boxing Coaches/Boxers looking to increase secondary revenue for their gyms or enter the fitness industry.
PE Teachers looking to engage children in fun physical activity and expand their experience of fitness.

Starting with the Boxing4Fitness foundation Course you can then increase you expertise and client base by becomeing an Advanced Boxing4Fitness trainer. The Boxing4Fitness Foundation course is a one day eight hour intensive course designed to meet the needs of instructors who would like to gain a foundation in the fundamental techniques of boxing. These skills can then be used to teach classes or with 1-to-1 clients.

Course cost: £199

1 Day Foundation Course

Advanced TRAINER

The Boxing4Fitness Advanced Course is the perfect course to take your boxing skills to a much more advanced level, supplementing the skills already learnt on your Boxing4Fitness Instructors course. It is ideal if you wish to add more variety to your classes, to intensify your sessions and increase your clients boxing skill level. You will also dramatically increase your own boxing ability, knowledge and become an advanced pad holder. Benefits include:

  • Your profile listed on our website.
  • Benefit from discounted Boxing4Fitness boxing equipment.
  • be able to use the Boxing4Fitness logo to advertise your services.
  • Learn advanced padwork techniques

During This one day intensive course you will learn how to combine advanced footwork, defensive moves and counterpunching to make combinations; this adds many new moves to the basic punches you learnt on the foundation course and for you to use with your clients., we will teach you the tricks of the trade to ensure your clients never get bored. you will be provided with course material to be studied after which a date is arranged for a written & practical examination

Please note that only those that pass both the practical and written assessments will be awarded the Advanced qualification Certificate

Course Cost: £699